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Nan Inc. – Your One-Stop Solution for Construction 

Construction projects are certainly not something to be taken lightly because there is a lot of time, effort and money involved. Even a small mistake can lead to disastrous consequences in the long run, something that everyone wants to avoid. The key to ensure everything goes on smoothly and there are no hassles, problems or delays is to opt for a professional and this is where Nan Inc. can turn out to be the right option. Operating out of Honolulu, Hawaii, Nan Inc. has achieved incredible heights of success and has developed a reputation for delivering outstanding performance in all its projects. 

It was established in 1990 by a man who had come to the United States from South Korea. His name was Nan Chul Shin, but he changed it to Patrick Shin when he moved. He started the company as a one-man business and was determined to ensure its success in order to make a contribution to Hawaii’s bright future. He only had one employee when he began, nearly thirty years ago, and now the company is one of the largest construction companies that’s operating out of Hawaii. They have also expanded their workforce, which now comprises of more than 500 employees.

Patrick Shin had two years of experience working as a laborer for a construction firm and they started with small projects initially. You can check the official blog about Patrick Shin Construction for more details about him. Nan Inc. specializes in preconstruction, general construction as well as design-build. They have a diverse and extensive construction portfolio that has helped them in earning experience and technical expertise, allowing them to create beautiful and elegant results on behalf of their clients. 

From renovating historic features and buildings, undertaking new constructions, dealing with civil utility construction to looking after multi-family homes and warehouses and working on administrative and office facilities, they have done it all. Nan Inc. has handled more than 2,600 projects and some of them have been valued at multimillion dollars. They have gotten contracts from various organizations simultaneously and have successfully delivered without going over the time or budget and have ensured 100% customer satisfaction. Their team has experience in a multitude of areas and use their skills to provide exactly what they promise. They have also received multiple certifications and awards for their work, making Nan Inc. a one-stop solution for all kinds of  construction requirements and needs. 

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