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Nomad Capital – Revolutionizing the Real Estate Business

If you want to attain your own financial goals while remaining stress-free in retirement, it may be time to explore launching a real estate investing firm. Real estate is described as “property, land, buildings, air rights above the territory, and subsurface rights below the land.” A real estate business is a company that specializes in the purchase, sale, administration, or financing of real estate. 

It is not easy to start a real estate investing business, but it is worth the effort with the appropriate planning. Nomad Capital is an excellent example of it. It is a real estate investment, development, and promotion firm based in Portugal. Alexandre Mansour, who was previously the Managing Partner at the French Desk Capital Management in New York City, started the company in 2018. It began as a spinoff of Mansour’s company, Optylon Group, which he and his colleagues launched in 2014.

The Portuguese real estate market was beginning to attract international investors at the time, owing mainly to the Golden Visa program. Alexandre planned to provide golden visa investors with a brand new flat in a prime location, complete with a rental management system and a guaranteed yield. As tourism in Portugal grew, Baixa became the city’s leading tourist destination, and our business grew alongside it.

Portugal started to flourish with full-time foreign residents, particularly seniors from Northern Europe, and young entrepreneurs in the real estate, tourism, food and beverage, and hospitality industries as the market evolved. As an outcome, there was a spike in interest in higher-end projects, services, and amenities. The company Nomad Capital was founded to acquire, design, and develop premium serviced residential buildings and resorts. Nomad Residences focused on the foreign markets of North America and North Europe while also pushing Portugal as a full-time housing location.

The facilities and products offered by Nomad Residences provide the conveniences of home while also providing the luxury of a world-class hotel. Nomad Bay is their latest flagship development, a high-end resort in Carvoeiro, Algarve. The 74-apartment project is set to open in the summer of 2023. Nomad Capital is now active in Portugal and the Netherlands, with plans to grow into more areas such as France. Their presence is powerful among American clientele, who find numerous parallels between our projects and the products and services they are used to back home. 

Alexandre says, we have a lot of ideas in the works. Our primary goal is to develop our activities in the Algarve, where we believe the next Portuguese real estate bubble will occur. In the Algarve, we’re currently working on a potential €100 million project.

We also intend to build the first Urban Resort in the Lisbon area, in which Nomad Residences will operate. Longer-term, we believe there will be an opportunity for our products and services in numerous locations across Europe. We expect the branded residential trend and demand to develop in 20 years. We aim to become the premier development partner for Europe-based serviced and branded residential ideas, leveraging our know-how and experience and continuing to innovate and stay ahead of the curve!

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