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Property Flipping – Is Flipping Property the neatest Method of getting Began in tangible Estate?

Property Flipping – Is Flipping Property the neatest method of getting began in real estate investment?

“Switch This House”, “Switch That House”, “Property Ladder”,… and so on…

In the last couple years we happen to be hammered on television with property flipping implies that illustrate these folks making crazy profits flipping homes and which makes it look simpler than heck.

So, is that this flipping stuff real? Well… it definately is. You will find numerous individuals creating a darn good living flipping homes. But… the television shows on flipping are darn deceiving with regards to the “reality” of property flipping.

Is flipping property the easiest method to get beginning in real estate investment? I’ll allow you to decide upon yourself. However, for me, for most of us, particularly in today’s lower markets (not every financial markets are lower… you will find really some doing very well), property flipping isn’t the easiest method to get began in real estate investment.

Here’s why:

First, let us clarify 2 kinds of flipping.

The Fix and Switch – In which you buy property, rehab it, then sell it to some retail buyer. The type that’s around the Television shows.

The Wholesale Switch – In which you buy property (or have it under contract), look for a wholesale buyer, and switch anything. The type that’s less glorious… but has a lot of profit it… having a heck of much less risk.

In my experience, the Fix and Switch technique is not for many newbie’s… despite the fact that that’s the type of real estate investment the thing is on television all the time.

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